EXCLUSIVE- Bhushan Kumar REVEALS when will Aamir Khan's Moghul start| Gulshan Kumar Biopic


#BhushanKumar in an exclusive interview with Bollywood Hungama's Faridoon Shahryar talks about his next films #Adipurush, Ranbir-Shraddha's next directed by Luv Ranjan, #AtarangiRe, Jhund, Chandigarh kare Aashiqui etc. He talks more about Adipurush and says that Om Raut has gone way ahead of Tanhaji in this film. Don't miss!
0:49 Bhushan on Aamir Khan's Moghul
3:40 Bhushan reveals Tseries slate of films - Atrangi Re, Satyameva Jayate 2, Jhund, Animal
5:43 Bhushan on Adipurush with Prabhas.

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    Watch full interview here - palife.info/global/v/rM9oaad8iMl0nYI

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    Waiting for prabhas first look

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    Love u prabahas and bhushan kumar

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    5; 25 about prabhas

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    Adipurush break all record soon

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    Adipurush 😍😍😍😍

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    Bhusan Kumar is good producer choose nice content adipursh parbhas

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    Mugol💥💥💥 Only Aamir khan

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    Mogul 😍

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    Only for Animal 🔥🔥🔥 Ranvir Kapoor

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    Cast of adipurush is 50:50 kriti sanon is not at all suited for Mata sita ji role

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    anushka kamat

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    But I will watch the film and then judge her performance. Om raut will not take any actress without thinking in such a big film. He must have thought and then signed her

    MASSIVE Spd13 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Flop producer Bhooshan kumar burning all his music money in movies

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    Adipurush ❤️

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    Who on the earth says my father would be very proud of me...better he should have said it's tribute to my father

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    Your father will be proud of u when t -series will stop making cringe content , remakes , copies of tollywood etc . When u will bring original songs rather than making remakes of original song . Aur puri tarah se purane gaane ki band baja dena . What crap is this patli kamariya , garmi etc etc . When will t -series start to appreciate talent . Hum sabko pata hai t -series ke chamho me baare mein like - jubin , neha , guru , milind gabba , dhvani , tulsi etc . Some of them are not even talented . When u all will start promoting talent instead of nepotism ? U have made indian song cringe . Seriously . Some of them are good but singers like badshah , tony , neha , dhvani(autotune queen , guru are spoiling music industry .

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    Look at the singer he is like why am I here

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    Kriti Sanon !!!! You kidding me

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    Makers are serious for your kind information sir

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    Only Prabhas 💕💓❤️👈

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    Rafsen Atif

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    Never want to see bhushan kumar with what he is doing with good singer.. such a shame on his dad’s goodwill

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    Only for prabhas ❤️

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    Adipurush : 11th August, Rakshabandhan

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    It's too early to say anything right now. Especially in the present situation it's difficult even to plan

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    ADIPURUSH, Prabhas, 💥💥💥

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    Eagerly waiting for adipursh prabhas

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    Biggest surprise coming soon from Mollywood (Malayalam). After a long time Mollywood's stylish and magical director Amal Neerad has begun the shoot of the movie BHEESHMA PARVAM from February onwards. Now let us see what magic he is going to do for mollywood. Waiting for the teaser.,,***"".r



    14 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    When they were speaking about this film? Can u plz provide when?

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    Is it pan indian film

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    Jubin is a great singer

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    0:11 vek.gen.in

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    Phir to ye ramayan ke songs pe bhi copyright laga denge !! Artist se aur logo se music ka right chin loge to ghanta proud karenge tumhare papa !! Credit goes to om rawat not Tseries !! Today they only oriented on money making with cheap remixing legendry songs without artist concern !! T-series was devotional at the time of gulshan kumar era !! And it becomes devil's house in his era !! Ar rehman ko gaane nhi mil rhe aur ye fuhad tanishq bakshi sare purane acche gaano ki band baja rha hai...lage rho miya...kaun sa ab gulshan kumar ji dekhne aa rhe hai !!

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    Sir we want Arijit Singh song. We couldn't wait to hear his magical voice.

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    @Jissu Kashyap ϝυddυ sanghi 🤣🤣 kamse kam apne dharm walon ko toh bakhsh de rakh le mujhse nafrat koi yahi seekto ho tum bacpan se

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    Jissu Kashyap

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    @Junaid Mirza NRC 🤣

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    Junaid Mirza

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    @Jissu Kashyap chal be apne baap ko mat sikha chutiyaa tu kyu hag raha hai mere comment me jissu ϝυddυ

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    Jissu Kashyap

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    @Junaid Mirza maa baap tameej nhi sikhaya kisi ko kuch bol dete ho

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    @Junaid Mirza arijit hagta hai to khata hai kya ? puchhega bhi nhi loddu ek baar 😂

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    Saale nalle gariboon comment delete kyu kiya Aamir Sir ki Moghul ka news de saalay yeh dab bakwaas chord kar

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    Kya beh gariboon saale nalle

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